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Not profitable
Based on backtest and analysis
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MetaTrader 4
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MetaTrader Market

77 USD

Latest tested version:
Version 1.8
Latest tested date:
Feb 10, 2021

Description from vendor:

Asian Scalper is an automated Forex robot. It is an advanced Asian session scalper which supports 9 currency pairs. The robot is equipped with Money Management, Take Profit, Stop Loss, Broker Protections, Slippage Protection, Max Spread Protection, Loss Recovery System and so on.


Not yet available

Notes on the checklist:

If even only one point has to be answered with no, caution is advised. Furthermore, the presence of a profitable demo signal has a low significance for us. Because even if a demo signal exists and is profitable, no profitability on the real signal can be derived from it. Only if the existing demo signal is unprofitable, the real signal will be unprofitable with very high probability.

The checklist is based on the hints that can be read here: How to Detect and Avoid Expert Advisor Fraud and Scams

Please note:

Be careful with recently released Expert Advisors

Avoid dangerous strategies

How to detect and avoid Expert Advisor scams.

Our opinion about the Expert Advisor

The seller uses marketing strategies to put pressure on the buyer. Furthermore, during the development of the Expert Advisor, the seller has added the strategy "Additional Trade System", which is based on grid techniques. We have not tested this added strategy as it violates our principles. Therefore, this review refers exclusively to the original version without the grid strategy.


We have tested all the currencies recommended by the vendor with default settings and with lot size = 0.01. Except for one strategy (EURCAD), all of them were unprofitable. When comparing the backtested trades with the live trades, we noticed a particular inaccuracy or a particular lability of the trades. The trades seem to be very dependent on the broker. Therefore, we created further backtests of all strategies. The only change was that the spread multiplier in the tick data settings was increased from 0.6 to 1 to simulate a broker that has a larger spread than IC Markets (for example Dukascopy). In reality, the real spread would most likely be in between. A very sharp drop in profitability could be observed.

Our final assessment

We noticed negatively that the Expert Advisor strongly depends on the broker. In addition, the backtests show a kind of saturation in profitability, which was reached around 2017. At least in the simulation, the Asian Scalper was only slightly profitable with the EUR/CAD currency. However, this requires a broker that has very low spreads, actually lower than IC Markets, because even the live demo signal at IC Markets seems to be unprofitable. Therefore, we can only advise caution and estimate the Expert Advisor as not profitable. As always, this is only our personal opinion, made to the best of our knowledge. Other traders may have come to different conclusions.

Live signals

A live demo signal is available at IC Markets, but it is not profitable. Under real conditions, the result would probably look even worse. We have created a screenshot in case the seller removes the signal.

  • (Signal offline since March 17, 2021)
Asian Scalper | Asian Scalper Demo from seller 2021 02 17
Asian Scalper - Demo signal from seller (2021-02-17)

In the past, two live signals were removed, it can be assumed that this was done for reasons of unprofitability.


Raw backtest results

We have tested all the currencies with recommended settings by the vendor with the lot size = 0.01.

The backtest results are best viewed on high-resolution screens.

Spread multiplier: 0.6

Click on one of the tabs below to open the corresponding backtest.

Asian Scalper | Asian Scalper Portfolio Spread multiplier 0.6
Asian Scalper Portfolio (Spread multiplier 0.6)
Asian Scalper | Asian Scalper Portfolio Spread multiplier 0.6 2017.02.15 2021.02.16
Asian Scalper Portfolio (Spread multiplier 0.6) (2017.02.15-2021.02.16)

Spread multiplier: 1

Click on one of the tabs below to open the corresponding backtest.

Asian Scalper | Asian Scalper Portfolio Spread multiplier 1 2017.02.15 2021.02.16
Asian Scalper Portfolio (Spread multiplier 1) (2017.02.15-2021.02.16)
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