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MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
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MetaTrader Market

149 USD

Latest tested version:
Version 4.0
Latest tested date:
Dec 23, 2020

Description from vendor:

EA Gold Stuff is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading gold. The operation is based on opening orders using the Gold Stuff indicator, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend.


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Notes on the checklist:

If even only one point has to be answered with no, caution is advised. Furthermore, the presence of a profitable demo signal has a low significance for us. Because even if a demo signal exists and is profitable, no profitability on the real signal can be derived from it. Only if the existing demo signal is unprofitable, the real signal will be unprofitable with very high probability.

The checklist is based on the hints that can be read here: How to Detect and Avoid Expert Advisor Fraud and Scams

Please note:

Be careful with recently released Expert Advisors

Avoid dangerous strategies

How to detect and avoid Expert Advisor scams.

Our opinion about the Expert Advisor


The strategy is based on Martingale and is therefore to be classified as very dangerous. In the long term, this strategy does not work purely mathematically, so you must always expect to lose the capital invested, it becomes more of a gamble than serious investment.

A few words about the existing reviews

Although EA Gold Stuff was released only on August 26, 2020, there were already 315 reviews on December 23, 2020, this is an unusually high number of reviews within this short period of time. Most reviewers have a low rating (very many well below 50). This points to beginners who have either only recently registered, or who are very inactive. It is also noticeable that several times within a short time with only a few minutes distance several reviews were published by reviewers with a very low rating. It is also noticeable that most reviewers have rated the Expert Advisor with 5 stars, there are very few reviewers (mostly with a high rating) who have rated negatively and mostly with only one star.

It is even claimed that the vendor gives away other Expert Advisors for free in order to get a positive rating.

EA Gold Stuff | EA Gold Stuff Review Ignacio Tortosa

Our final assessment

At this point, we would like to express only our own personal opinion. We have tested EA Gold Stuff only because it is very popular at the moment and has been rated very often within a short time.

The strategy used in this Expert Advisor is based on Martingale, which is considered to be very dangerous and does not work in the long run. This fact is confirmed by our backtest results. Not a single backtest has worked in the long run. The use of this Expert Advisor will sooner or later lead to a total loss of the invested capital. This is pure gambling and has nothing to do with long-term investing.

Furthermore, the reviews show that mainly inexperienced traders buy this Expert Advisor, this is probably due to the low price and prospect of quick and easy success. Most beginners rate the Expert Advisor positively, but probably without having tested it extensively. Experienced traders evaluate the Expert Advisor mainly negatively.

Therefore, we cannot recommend EA Gold Stuff and explicitly warn against its use.

Live signals

Live signals:

  • https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/891987 (closed by seller, February 16, 2021)
  • https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/895228 (closed by seller, April 2, 2021)

Both signals were only a few weeks old after they were removed by the seller. Therefore, no statement can be made about long-term trading.

Raw backtest results

For the backtest we used the provider's recommended settings and recommended minimum initial deposit of 1,000 USD. In addition, we performed backtests for XAUUSD with the initial deposit of 10,000 USD. We started the backtests on the following dates respectively: January 1, 2005 / January 1, 2009 / January 1, 2013 / January 1, 2017

Recommended settings by the Vendor:

  • XAUUSD: M15, Default settings, in case of 3 digits (for example 1900.000) distance = 2000
  • Forex pairs: M15, Default settings, TP = 100 (EURUDS, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, AUDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF)
  • Minimum recommend deposit: 1,000 USD or 1,000 USD Cent, for more safety 10,000 USD Cent

The backtest results are best viewed on high-resolution screens.

Initial Deposit: 1,000 USD

Click on one of the tabs below to open the corresponding backtest.

Initial Deposit: 10,000 USD

Click on one of the tabs below to open the corresponding backtest.

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Grow up, people. The FED is the only dollar printer. A fully automatic EA playing with limited resources does not exist! And especially not Gold Stuff. This robot fights to victory or its own death – end of funds, margin call. I do not recommend it. You will play better manually.


lies!!! Strukov’s advisers did not work then and do not work now!! don’t believe in fairy tales be adults!!!!


Beware, the author (Vasiliy Strukov) is a big scammer he ripped me off twice, he said that if you open an account with the axitrade broker and you deposit 500$ you will have a free expert advisor, this is not true because I did it and I sent him the proof of deposit of 1000 $ but he never sent me the EA and always said he would send me the EA in few minutes, after he told me that his wife is sick of covid and risk of dying .. recently i sent it some money (by skrill) at this email strivingguy@outlook.com to buy the expert advisor Gold Stuff ..
the payment took me 2 minutes but spent two hours for him to confirm that he received the money then he promised me each time that he will send me the file in a few minutes and he never did .. after that he disappears .. .
beware of this dishonest russian he is a thief, scammer and liar and his account has been disabled from mql5 because of this ..


I have done forward testing for a few months in live account, it is definitely profitable if you follow proper risk management.

Drawdown 8% with 7% monthly returns, 0.01 lot per $1000 capital. Low risk means low returns but at least capital is safe, I am in the telegram group and I see people always post their huge drawdown or their account is being liquidated. Of course, they wanted to earn 50-100% in a month which is super high risk to me.

7% returns a month doesn’t seem much on a small account, but if you put 100-200k usd, it is enough to become a passive income. I am very grateful for this EA.

You must know how to use it, and of course default settings are not the best. In the telegram group there is 1 set file for normal pairs and it is called romi set.


Hi john, please note that the period of "a few months" is not "long term" in our opinion. Can you please send us the set file you used and we will take a closer look. Regards!

jean louis

FOREX [decrypted] Logo   Attention: FOREX [decrypted] cannot verify the statements below and classifies them as doubtful and potentially dangerous.

I totally agree with John and I am well over the 15 to 20% but the more you want to win the greater the risk and you risk losing. It is that you have to go to the Telegram forum which you Forex Decrypted had not done. And do not criticize all the people who use it you will see the number of people satisfied by this robot and all the others by Vasiliy who is a genius. I am very happy and I make a very good living with this robot that I pair with other indicators and other EAs. Masi sije think that you have not used the good bases to set up this EA robot. Please follow as John says the settings on the forum it’s very simple they give you a set to install and everything is set up. Good trade and get rich quickly.


Can you share with me a safe setting


Me too it is à very good EA with good set only. Trading is not game .you must to learn to go up .


I can confirm that African scammers operate under the Strukov brand. After I joined the channel, administrator of the channel offered to send me his personal Gold ea which has lower drawdown he told. I agreed. After the paypal transfer of 150 usd, paypal send me the real name of the recipient Eveline Maina. I googled the name is Kenyan. Female Kenyan opetates this scam. Of course I did not receive any ea after the robbery payment. This Kenyan woman pretends to be Russian Strukov but she doesnt speak Russian, as Russian speaker I wrote in Russian she did not understand. Luckily, I lost just 150 usd instead a few thousands if I would buy it on the market and run it live.


I do not know where you are going to pay to buy your Gold Stuff EA because it is only available on the mql5.com site and if you bought it on this site the only means of payment and by credit card, I have made a screenshot for you. 'screen, there is no other means of payment and Vasiliy says it well in his forum and I can confirm that he is Russian. A precision when you on mql5 .com and that you validity you have 5 activations. And one thing to know is that there are often promotions of Gold Stuff EA 50 €. Afterwards I think you bought a wake-up call seller but I don’t understand on his Vasiliy forum it indicates that you have to order from the mql5.com site. And then you have to be stupid to buy an EA especially by paying it as expensive as the original frankly it’s not smart. Finally everyone has their own way of seeing things but frankly it’s incomprehensible.


Roman, if you must know it is a partnership between a group of fraudsters and the nationality is mixed (German, Polish, Italian, Russian). It is a trivial thing to have a Paypal account with a different name. Many of these sellers are career fraudsters on an international basis. Struvko, Russo, Marco Solito, Riebin (Perfect Score), and many others are all members of the same group. Basically, if the product is on the front market page, chances are it is a member of this group. It has been alleged they are MQL5 moderators using alts accounts; this is forex so there is no such thing as a volunteer moderator. The basic process is to rotate the products of this group to the front page using dubious backtests etc. If the product doesn’t blow up it is usually by luck. After they have scammed your money, they hype and rotate the next product to position one and the same thing happens over and over. They target the very new trader and many allege Metaquotes employee moderators are the actual group of sellers. One thing for certain: Struvkov is not Kenyan.


FOREX [decrypted] Logo   Attention: FOREX [decrypted] cannot verify the statements below and classifies them as doubtful and potentially dangerous.

Frankly I have several EAs from Vasiliy Strukov and all of them work very well and are profitable and in addition they will give Peace and Renko builder for the meaning of trades and it is almost impossible to lose money. After I do not understand why you do not buy your EA on mql5.com and you pay by Paypal and not by credit card on mql5.com in addition there are 5 activations per purchase. And there is also a super good EA which works very well it is Gold Stuff but not EA. For the meaning of trades and in addition I use Ashi Heikin indicator and everything will be easy for you because it is very clear with this indicator and you can get it wrong. Good trades and stop reading bad comments on sites that criticize the whole EA without knowing and without even trying all the recommendations given on the forum and you will make a lot of money with a little time and with a VPS you will save money. 24H/24. Good trades for all and begin rich queekly .


from my personal experience. Strukov’s advisors are absolutely not working and lead to the draining of the deposit quite quickly. The group was created by the author to provide beautiful pictures so that others believe that the Expert Advisors work. Strukov himself does not trade his Expert Advisors because he knows perfectly well that they do not work. If you leave a couple of bad comments in the telegram group, then it simply blocks you!!! People do not try to object to him because he gives a free expert advisor for a review by linking it to the account, which means that you are in captivity because any of your negative comments gives him the opportunity to deprive you of the support of a free expert advisor… And there are still a lot of techniques used by this fraudster in order to sell their Expert Advisors… so it’s better not to buy them!!!

Claudia Davis

Lost money to online Investment,really all I wanted to do was make a safe investment. To think I was sold the mirage of a wonderful investment with profits,worst part of it all I was being elaborately scammed. Geminihacks got it back for me ?

civallero jean louis

I want to be objective and I use this EA and others by Vasiliy Strukov.
It is important to say that for all these EAs are to be configured and adjusted with the data that corresponds to each type, for example, parameters for currencies like EURUSD, which are largely different from those for gold or for stock market indices like the Nasdaq. IT is true that if you do not adjust your EA properly you will lose all your capital. So I find that your analysis is not valid and upsets the people who read you. I have no other interest in defending Mr Strukov’s EAs, apart from what I earn with the 5 that I already have. And I do not see the point of buying 5 if the first one that was Idea Gold was not was not good. I am ready to answer questions and recommend you his Telegram page where there are 6990 members today. And even if you do not believe me why there would be so many people following the author. In addition, know that this week that all EAs are on sale at 50 € so it’s almost free because EAs of this quality at this price are freebies. So try Your Backtests with the right settings and you will see that you are wrong. And know that the author and even clients are posting their earnings. So try, check and you will see that I am right. Your work and tests are very good but I think it was important to say that I disagreed.


Thank you for your honest opinion. We appreciate every comment, especially if they contain detailed arguments. Comments are absolutely important to be able to improve something. We now take the opportunity to respond to your comment as follows.

First of all: We would be very happy about a cooperation. Depending on the possibility we can try to do further backtest. Please let us know your settings (set files, currencies and time frame) so that we can configure the Expert Advisor accordingly and backtest with new parameters. Ideally, we would like to receive your live results as a report, which we can use to improve our backtests.

We used the settings recommended by the developer, we communicated that clearly and modeled the reality as best as possible, so how can our backtests not be valid (we didn’t do a proper analysis because the results didn’t allow it)? It is not our intention to upset our readers, among other things we publish unchanged the raw results that can be repeated by everyone.

We actually took a very close look at the Telegram channel (maybe we will expand our review accordingly). Here’s what we found:
– Almost all participants are absolute beginners and ask, among other things, how to use MetaTrader and they ask for profitable set files.
– Almost all results shown with screenshots are short-term results that have absolutely no significance.
– Almost all positive results shown, in our estimation, are for bragging purposes. This indicates gambling rather than sustainable investing.
– Negative results, which of course also exist, are hardly shown, in our opinion for psychological reasons such as disinterest or embarrassment.

Why many traders follow the author there are many different reasons, which we can of course only assume: good marketing, there is supposedly something for free, peer pressure, hysteria, greed, boasting, short-term gains, emotional/impulsive action, ignorance, etc. Furthermore, at no point do we claim to be right or wrong, we show our results, which we produce after years of experience and to the best of our knowledge. All results can be checked and repeated by everyone.

Some final remarks:
– Algorithmic trading should absolutely always be based on mathematics (especially statistics), not on short-term results or emotional trading. EA Gold Stuff’s strategy is based on Martingale, which is statistically, i.e. based on the law of large numbers, unprofitable. We don’t just claim that, that’s math, math can’t be fooled or circumvented.
– We can only talk about EA Gold Stuff at the moment, as we have not looked at Vasiliy Strukov’s other Expert Advisors. EA Gold Stuff was released on August 26, 2020 (so about 6 months ago). If you look at the backtests, you can see that the Expert Advisor was quite profitable for a year or even longer. This can lead to the fact that you have not yet been able to collect meaningful real results.

There will be moderation of all comments. Please also read our comment rules:

For open discussion, we reserve the right to delete any comment that is not directly on topic or has the sole purpose of disparaging readers or authors. We want people to communicate respectfully with each other, as if the discussion were with real people present. By submitting this form you agree to our Privacy Policy and the storage of your personal data.

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